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Scattering Ashes by Air

Scattering the ashes of a loved one by air is an affordable option many choose as the demand for cremation rises. Aerial scattering offers a means of closure to families who are ready to take the final step in the grieving process. For some, the release of ashes into the sky by an airplane is symbolic of man’s desire to be as free as the unbridled winds.

McLaren Corporation is blessed to be offering the service of aerial ash scattering to those who want a meaningful way to remember their loved one’s life.

Aerial ash scattering is a meaningful part of the grieving process to the families who choose this option. When the ashes are scattered over a special place, the family can have a place that they know their loved one is a permanent part of.

Because of the uniqueness of aerial ash scattering, families may request certain things to be incorporated into the scattering as a way of personalizing the service. Most pilots are able to accommodate requests that are within reason.

Some families choose to include special hand written notes, rose pedals or other mementos to accompany the scattering of the ashes.

​Virginia is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful area in the country. From the Virginia Highland to the Peaks of Otter, The Chesapeake Bay to the Eastern Shore. When a loved one's ashes are scattered in a place that was special to them the family can always have a location to reflect on their memories.

McLaren Corporation offers the service of

Aerial Cremains Ash Scattering.