Can a family member participate on the flight?

Unfortunately, no. The first reason is that our insurance prohibits accompanied scatterings. The second reason is that occasionally the process of saying "goodbye" to someone dear to us can be a highly emotional and trying experience.  While flight is inherently as safe as any other transportation, dealing with passengers who are overcome with grief is a major distraction to the pilot and crew and we will not put anyone's safety in jeopardy. 

Can ashes be scattered anywhere?

Almost. Virginia has regulations regarding the scattering of cremated ashes. We must have written permission from either the private property owner or the governing agency in charge of the land where the scattering is to occur. Ocean scatterings require a distance of 3 miles from the shore.  We have tried to provide you with a variety of locations, but if you have another location in mind, we can discuss that with you.

How will I know when the scattering has been completed?

A beautiful certificate will be sent to you by Priority Mail.   The certificate will have the date, time and location of the scattering.

How do I send the ashes to you?

We only receive ashes from licensed funeral homes and crematoriums.  Please encourage your director to contact us.